From a small enterprise established in 1972, Hanoi Plastics has now become a leading enterprise in the field of supporting industry in Vietnam, creating products with high technology, achieving international technical standards of well-known global brands, including HPC’s proprietary branded product array, are able to compete in regional and international markets. With the motto “Continuous innovation – Continuous change – Seize opportunities” and the right business strategy based on collective strength, we are completely confident in our ability and believe in the successful development of HPC in the coming time.

General Director Ngo Van Thu

Mr. Ngo Van Thu

General Director


Hanoi Plastics Joint Stock Company is a leading Vietnamese enterprise in the supporting industry. Hanoi Plastics is currently listed on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) with the ticker symbol: NHH.

During its establishment and development, Hanoi Plastics has made great strides, affirming its world position and prestige in the Vietnamese market and reaching out to the world. At the end of 2018, the Company officially became a member of An Phat Holdings (‘APH’) – the leading eco-friendly and high-tech plastic Group in Southeast Asia. This event marked an important milestone and strategic transformation of the Company, and at the same time energizes Hanoi Plastics in its journey to become the leading enterprise in Vietnam’s supporting industry.

In terms of products, Hanoi Plastics has manufactured a variety of high-tech engineering plastic products, supplied to industrial and civil industries, meeting the increasing localization needs of FDI partners in Vietnam and boosting export turnover.

With experience and new development direction to quickly adapt to changes in the global supply chain, Hanoi Plastics is increasingly expanding its operation scale and becoming a reliable supplier of reputable global brands such as Honda, Toyota, Piaggio, Daikin, Canon, LG, Panasonic, Sony…

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