Hanoi Plastics (HPC) owns a large-scale factory system, equipped with synchronous, modern, and imported machinery and equipment from the US, Western European countries, Japan, and newly industrialized countries (NICs) with high specialization in mechanization and automation.

Hanoi Plastics’ factories have a strict quality control system, which is certified by prestigious organizations around the world following international standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and particular customers’ standards (such as TS Standard of Toyota, HES Standard of Honda..)



Injection molding machines

Hanoi Plastics owns a system of injection molding machines with various sizes, from 50 tons to 2500 tons to meet the needs of manufacturing precision products with different sizes. The injection molding machines are mostly from Japan.

Small-sized injection molding machines

The system of small-sized injection molding machines with clamping force from less than 200 tons, meets the needs of products of small size but requiring high precision and appearance such as: telephone, electronic, and spare parts for motorcycles, cars…

Medium-sized injection molding machines

The medium-sized injection molding machine system has a clamping force from 200 tons to less than 1000 tons, meeting the needs of medium-sized products such as: electronic products, water industry supplies, construction materials, containers, spare parts for cars, motorbikes…

Large-sized injection molding machines

Large injection molding machine system with a clamping force of over 1000 tons, meeting the needs of large and very large products such as spare parts for the automotive industry in Vietnam, machine tools…

Other machinery systems

In addition to the large-sized injection molding machine system with a clamping force of over 1000 tons to meet the needs of large and massive products such as spare parts for the automotive industry, Hanoi Plastics has machinery systems to fully meet the technical requirements to help ensure the durability of the mold and the quality of the finished products and details:

  • Cooling system with heat generators, chillers, cooling towers…, auxiliary equipment such as grain extractors, dehumidification dryers…
  • Automated robotic arm system to take the product out of the mold.
  • The Heat & Cool system supports the production of thin, high-gloss products that require a perfect surface finish.
  • N2 gas support system (EGI) for products with large thickness, reducing weight and increasing durability.
  • Quality control system, control product features such as colorimeter, destructive force testing machine for engine cooling fan, dynamic balancing machine for propeller…
  • Printing equipment on plastic such as Tampon printer, Screen printing line…