Mechanical Machining Service at HPC & VMC

To ensure the quality and time to complete the product as well as help customers lower costs for the product, Hanoi Plastics JSC has 02 mechanical processing factories in Hanoi and Hai Duong that offer the best product quality and service.  

Mechanical machining factory (or mechanical processing workshop) is a professional unit, using a system of technical machinery and mechanical materials to create high precision products to meet the needs of business. 

Requirements for a mechanical machining factory

– Modern machinery system, advanced technology: To ensure extremely high accuracy products, modern machinery systems and processing technology is extremely important. 

– A team of highly qualified engineers and experienced mechanics: To meet the requirement of for high quality product, the mechanic is highly qualified, has many years of experience and is trained regularly. 

– Product accuracy: Product accuracy is the decisive factor for a mechanical processing factory.The finished products must in accordance with the drawings and have high accuracy to meet the customer’s requirement about the precision of products.  

– Processing schedule: To ensure the quality of products and completion of products on schedule following customer’s plan, it is necessary to choose factories with long experience, good understanding of products 

– Reasonable cost: Cost is always an important factor when choosing a supplier. However, due to the strong development of the market, there are factories with unqualified machines, inexperienced personnel, low accuracy, low cost, but the finished product is unable to meet customer’s requirement.  
– In addition, the factors of factories, partners, area, location will be the criteria to evaluate a quality factory. 

Mechanical machining factory of HPC

Hanoi Plastics with a long history in the Precision Machining and Mold industry is equipped with modern machinery imported from Japan, a team of talented engineers that guarantee to delivery quality product. 

Our mechanical processing services in Hanoi include:

+ Services on CNC milling: Milling products, product billets with many different materials and molds

+ CNC turning services

+ Molds machining services: Mold stainless steel, aluminum mold, copper mold, plastic mold, etc.

+ Jig machining services

+ Drilling and cutting services

+ Gear processing, machining gear bar processing, gear shaft processing, gearbox processing, screw-gear processing services

+ Other services upon request

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