VTV1: Hanoi Plastics JSC – Vietnamese enterprise successfully joins global supply chain

In recent years, the supporting industry of Vietnam has had positive signs when foreign enterprises continuously promote and actively seek suppliers of Vietnamese supporting industries to increase their localization rate, optimize costs and increase efficiency in production and business activities. The trend of shifting production to Vietnam and Trade Agreements are also creating a favorable environment for Vietnamese businesses to take their products into the global supply chain. However, the reality is that the number of Vietnamese enterprises currently supplying global corporations is limited.

Appeared on a reportage on “Enterprise in the supply chain” on the program Enterprise – Entrepreneur of VTV1, the national TV channel introduced Hanoi Plastics JSC (HPC) as a successful business model in providing high-tech plastic components, participating in the global supply chain.

Since 1996, Hanoi Plastics has become a supplier of plastic components to Honda Vietnam, becoming one of the first Vietnamese enterprises to participate in the supporting industry. From a household plastic manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing plastic components, in addition to investing in precise and modern machinery systems, HPC’s employees have constantly fostered their knowledge, changed their ideology and production system to meet the stringent requirements in the supporting industry.

Until now, HPC has had 24 years of companionship with Honda and SYM; 12 years with LG; 10 years with Toyota; 8 years with Piaggio; 7 years with Panasonic. At the same time, the company also continuously expanded production scale, upgraded technology, improved technology and expanded cooperation, aiming to grow stronger business cooperation with FDI firms and local counterparts, enabling greater global supply chain participation.

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