Hanoi Plastics launches Business Center, promotes commercial activities of member companies

On September 11, 2020, Hanoi Plastics Joint Stock Company (HPC) has officially launched HPC Business Center and appointed the Center’s Director. The establishment of the Business Center is expected to bring opportunities for commercial activities of HPC and its member companies.

With the strategic goal of becoming a leading company in the plastic supporting industry in Vietnam, HPC has constantly improved production activities, conducted market research to expand the market, searched for potential customers. Moreover, in the context that business is aiming for flexible transformation to promote business operations, maintaining position and creating momentum in a new period, on September 11, 2020, HPC officially introduced HPC Business Center.

The launching ceremony of HPC Business Center was attended by the leadership of An Phat Holdings: Mr. Pham Hoang Viet – Vice Chairman of the Group, Mr. Dinh Xuan Cuong – Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of the Group; Board of Directors of HPC: Mr. Bui Minh Hai – Chairman of Board of Directors, Mr. Bui Thanh Nam – General Director, Mr. Man Chi Trung – Deputy General Director, Ms. Pham Thi Thanh Hien – Deputy General Director and representatives of member companies.

In addition to the introduction of the Business Center, the launching ceremony also appointed Mr. Man Chi Trung as Director of HPC Business Center.

HPC Business Center is built with the structure of 3 main divisions, including: Business Development Department; Pricing Department and Supplier Development Department. The Center will plan a specific mechanism for business activities, build a sales policy in order to find and select orders with good prices, proactively seize product development opportunities and expand partner network, proceeding to take an active position for HPC and its member companies.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Dinh Xuan Cuong, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of An Phat Holdings said: “The Business Center is the core that will carry out the noble mission of An Phat Holdings and HPC in the plastic supporting industry to create a breakthrough in a new era. Hopefully, this positive transformation will help HPC makes great stride to fulfil its goal of becoming the No. 1 enterprise in the plastic supporting industry in Vietnam.”

As the launching ceremony of HPC Business Center has successfully carried out, in the coming time, it is expected to bring practical effects, enhance HPC’s position in the field of plastic supporting industry in Vietnam.


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