An Phat Holdings achieves outstanding results with consulting program of Ministry of Industry and Trade & Samsung Vietnam

Hai Duong, September 24, 2020 – Today, An Phat Holdings has successfully held the Closing Ceremony of Consulting program for Vietnam Business Improvement in Hai Duong of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Samsung Vietnam at the headquarters of Vietnam Pattern Manufacture and Precision Mechanical Company Limited (VMC) – a member of An Phat Holdings. VMC participated in the Improvement Consulting program for 2 months, from July 29 to September 24, and achieved excellent results.
Attending the ceremony, on behalf of Samsung, there were Mr. Choi Joo Ho, President of Samsung Vietnam; On behalf of An Phat Holdings, there were Mr. Dinh Xuan Cuong – Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of the Group, and Board of Directors of VMC and representatives of Directors of member companies of the Group; On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, there was Mr. Nguyen Cao Binh; On behalf of Hai Duong, there were Mr. Nguyen Duong Thai – Chairman of Hai Duong People’s Committee; Mr. Vuong Duc Sang – Vice Chairman of Hai Duong People’s Committee.
The Consulting Program is the result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the advisory program for Hai Duong enterprises in the supporting industry between Hai Duong People’s Committee, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Samsung Vietnam signed in February 2020 at the Conference – Consulting Assistance Program for Supporting Industry Enterprises. At this conference, An Phat Holdings was selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Samsung Vietnam, and the provincial government as the leading enterprise for the development of supporting industries in Hai Duong.
Following by, the Consulting Program was implemented in 5 enterprises in Hai Duong, of which VMC is considered as a capable mold enterprise with many advantages and achieved outstanding success.
In 02 months in cooperation with Samsung experts, VMC has had many improvements: Building a separate lapping room; Jig Erowa improvement; 5S improvements; Improving the QC department, design department as well as programming department … The program has achieved many impressive results, helping VMC to perfect the production process, level up product supply standards, and enhance the autonomy in molds, improving production capacity from level 1 to level 3, the factory is arranged scientifically, systematically … These achievements will create a basement for the long-term and sustainable development of An Phat Holdings in general and VMC in particular in developing mold segment, which is the strength of the Group.
Speaking at the ceremony, the representative of An Phat Holdings, Mr. Dinh Xuan Cuong – Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer expressed his sincere appreciation to the Board of Directors of Samsung Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the government of Hai Duong, who has been working side by side with businesses in Hai Duong in general and An Phat Holdings in particular during the past time.
Moreover, thanks to the dedication and thoughtfulness of Korean experts, An Phat Holdings’ member – VMC has made many positive changes. Mr. Cuong also hopes that after this project, there will be more cooperation between Samsung and businesses in the province in general and with An Phat Holdings in particular.
Also at the ceremony, Mr. Choi Jo Hoo – President of Samsung Vietnam shared: “I am very impressed with the results that VMC has achieved. VMC was the first company among all enterprises joining this program to get 2 steps of promotion in production capacity and quality control. Molding aspect is the root of manufacturing industry, I hope that with the support from Vietnamese Government, VMC will continue to ensure the enhancement of competitiveness as well as the stability of the quality management system “.
Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Duong Thai – Chairman of Hai Duong Provincial People’s Committee highly appreciated the incredible results of VMC. Mr. Thai marked that the achievement is not only VMC’s own pride but also the overall results of the whole business industry in the province. In addition, Chairman Thai also acknowledged the goals of the Improvement Consulting program held by the MOIT and Samsung Vietnam, and wished the program will be continued in the future.
In the past two years, An Phat Holdings and Samsung Vietnam have had important cooperation to promote the development of supporting industries. In 2019, two members of An Phat Holdings, Hanoi Plastics and An Trung Industries, also successfully completed the Consulting Program and Improving Production Capacity, of which An Trung Industries is currently present in the components supply chain of Samsung. 
An Phat Holdings is considered as the leading high-tech enterprise in Hai Duong with a system of modern factories and first-class equipment. In the supporting industry, An Phat Holdings has 2 enterprises in Hai Duong province: An Trung Industries, and VMC focuses on manufacturing plastic components in supporting industry and molds, in which VMC is projected to become the leading in Vietnam mold industry. 

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