IR Awards 2023: Hanoi Plastics wins the Best Investor Relations Awards

On September 28, 2023, the IR Awards 2023 named the businesses with the best investor relations out of 731 listed on HOSE and HNX. 

Accordingly, Hanoi Plastics (HOSE: NHH) was officially honored in the Top 3 “Listed companies with the best IR activities for Small&Micro Cap category” at the Honoring Ceremony of Listed Enterprises with best investor relation activities (IR Awards 2023). The company has achieved this recognition by following all information disclosure activities and strategic management guidelines, maintaining transparent financial communication, and ensuring effective communication between businesses, financial communities, and other stakeholders. These efforts have helped the company achieve a reasonable valuation level and optimal business value for its securities. 

Hanoi Plastics (HOSE: NHH) was honored in the Top 3 enterprises (Small &Micro Cap) category with the best IR activities

The IR Awards is an annual event held since 2011 to acknowledge and celebrate publicly listed businesses that exhibit transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness in their IR activities. This helps to increase awareness about the importance of IR activities, improving information transparency in the stock market, increasing the quality of information disclosure and investors’ trust, and enhancing corporate governance. The 13th edition of the IR Awards in 2023 recognized the top three listed companies with the best IR activities in the year. 

To be honored at the IR Awards 2023, Hanoi Plastics has undergone rounds of surveys and thoroughly quantified information disclosure activities among 731 listed businesses within 12 months (from May 1, 2022, to April 30, 2023). The company’s IR activities were assessed using a scoring system from 33 prominent financial institutions and also by votes from the investor community. 

Production at Hanoi Plastics

As a leading plastics enterprise in the supporting industry in Vietnam and with over 50 years of presence in the market, Hanoi Plastics identifies IR as an activity that plays an important role in business development. This enterprise has won high appreciation from domestic and foreign investors for its transparent management in operations. For many years, Hanoi Plastics has always ensured to fulfill its obligation to disclose information fully, transparently, and accurately on media such as: the company website, information portal of HOSE, and State Securities Commission, etc. 

Hanoi Plastics has developed a comprehensive investor relations strategy that upholds legal regulations, ensures respect for shareholder and investor rights, promotes information transparency, and maintains open communication channels. 

Hanoi Plastics is developing a plan to enhance its investor relations activities and strategies amidst the growing digital transformation. This company aims to utilize popular social networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to provide easy access to information about their company operations and culture, allowing young investors to stay updated. Through these platforms, investors can also interact and connect with the company more efficiently. 

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