An Phat Holdings donates VND 1.35 billlion to support quarantined areas in Hai Duong, join hands with Province in the fight against COVID-19

Today, the Board of Directors of An Phat Holdings (APH) together with the Group’s employees donated 100 televisions worth VND 550 million and about 40 tons of necessities worth VND 800 million with total support worth of VND 1.35 billlion (~$57,000) to support the Covid-19 Prevention Committee in Hai Duong.

The representative of An Phat Holdings, Mr. Pham Van Tuan – Acting Deputy CEO of the Group directly presented 100 televisions and essential necessities such as rice, cooking oil … to representatives of Hai Duong province and Nam Sach district to support 5,500 people in 4 key isolated areas: Chi Linh City, Kinh Mon town, Nam Sach district and Kim Thanh district. These are all necessary items to serve the propaganda and communication to prevent epidemics and to support health recovery and daily life for residents and officers on duty at quarantine areas.

Hai Duong Province’s Leader received donation from Mr. Pham Van Tuan – Acting Deputy CEO of An Phat Holdings (second from the right)
Mr. Pham Van Tuan – Acting Deputy CEO of An Phat Holdings (3rd right) presented gifts to the Nam Sach district government

Hai Duong Province’s Leaders received donation from APH and expressed appreciation to the Board of Directors and collective of An Phat Holdings.

The representative of the Board of Directors of An Phat Holdings, Mr. Pham Van Tuan – Acting Deputy CEO of the Group said: “The epidemic is complicated, especially after Hai Duong found many positive cases for Covid -19- SARS-CoV-2. As an enterprise in the province, we understand the current situation and willing to join hands with the authority and the people of Hai Duong to fight against the epidemic, An Phat Holdings hopes to contribute adding strength to help Hai Duong province overcome difficulties and stamp out the epidemic”.

Along with the community support, An Phat Holdings also carried out a series of strict disease prevention measures in all factories, production facilities and offices such as: establishing Epidemic Prevention Department; periodic spraying at work, dining, and resting area; daily body temperature measurement; require 100% of staff to wear masks; switch to working online in each stage; reviewing the schedule, making a list of people related to the suspect and zoning, quarantining, and requiring to work at home…

Due to the adequate preparation of responding measures and detailed scenarios for situations that arise related to the Covid-19-SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, the Group’s production and business activities are not affected, workers’ health is still guaranteed, orders are still being completed on schedule.

The Hai Duong province government highly appreciated all All An Phat Holdings’ efforts and in fact, the entire system of An Phat Holdings is now completely safe.

An Phat Holdings is known as Southeast Asia’s leading eco-friendly and high-tech plastic Group. Currently, APH owns nearly 10 manufacturing factories, headquarters and representative offices located in Nam Sach district and Hai Duong city… Besides being the leading manufacturer and enterprise of the province with many contributions to economic development and job creation for thousands of people, An Phat Holdings always demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Earlier, in March 2020, during the Covid-19 outbreak in Hanoi, An Phat Hodings also donated compostable products to 300 residents and soldiers in quarantine area Truc Bach (Hanoi) and donated 5,000 medical masks and hand sanitizers to the Vietnamese Embassy in the United States in June 2020.

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